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Currently, ResearchHub is providing the opportunity for 5 grants, $5,000 each, on the ResearchHub platform (short application form). Additionally, you can find other Decentralized Science (DeSci) funding opportunities below through other projects in the ecosystem.


VitaDAO primarily funds translational R&D. They are particularly interested in ‘moonshots’ – potential revolutionary contributions to science. On occasion they will also fund more ‘basic’ research and other projects in the interests of the LongBio community.


AthenaDAO primarily funds translational R&D. They are particularly interested in transformational contributions to women’s health. They will also fund more ‘basic’ research that will be critical to moving the needle for science.


PsyDAO primarily funds early stage commercialisable research related to psychedelic research. In addition, they offer "Small Alchemist Grants" to fund students, artists and creators in the psychedelic space. 


ValleyDAO is an open, global community collectively financing and democratizing the governance of synthetic biology technologies to protect the future of our planet.


HairDAO's goal is to fund the assets that they believe will accelerate the cure for hair loss as soon as possible. These assets will likely range from intellectual property and patents, to research companies, to state-of-the-art treatment clinics.


CryoDAO's objective is to invest in cryopreservation research projects that have a high potential to increase the quality and capabilities of cryopreservation.


CerebrumDAO is an open, global community collectively sourcing, brainstorming, and funding solutions to advance brain health and prevent neurodegeneration.

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Vibe Bio helps biotechs by funding and guiding high-potential drug programs through value inflection points. Our core is a community of scientists, patients, and partners that are dedicated to helping you find the promising treatments that patients deserve.


Hélice is an innovative financial engineering based on Blockchain (Polygon) that aims to halve the price of bionic prosthetics and artificial organsThese technologies include retinal implants, prosthetic arms, neuroprosthetics, artificial hearts, exoskeletons etc.

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