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Contributor Applications

Interested in being a contributor to the ResearchHub Foundation? We are a community-driven organization and have a range of opportunities for Journals, Academics, and General Contributors to get involved. You can find all the various programs below.

Editor Program


The Editor Program is intended for any experienced academic scientists to help onboard peer reviewers and moderate peer reviewed content on ResearchHub

Peer Reviewer


ResearchHub Foundation is paying peer reviewers. This program is for traditional academic scientists to perform peer review in their domains of expertise specifically on new pre-prints. 

Community Contributor


The Community Contributor application is relevant for anyone who would like to contribute to ResearchHub Foundation as an Open Source Developer or Content Creator.

Podcast Annotation Program


The Podcast Annotation Program is intended to recruit participants to help annotate and document popular podcasts (e.g. The Huberman Lab Podcast) to give added color and detail to topics discussed.

Complete Bounties

In case you are not looking to join the ResearchHub Foundation on a regular basis but are rather interested in completing one-off activities, you should check out our bounties board on Dework.
Bounties range from open source development activities to content creation and marketing, check them out!


Interact with the Community

If you'd like to interact with the broad community, join our Discord.

If you'd like to engage with our scientific community, try posting or commenting on ResearchHub.

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