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How do I buy ResearchCoin?

Already have a crypto wallet?

Don't have a crypto wallet? Follow our step-by-step guide

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Get a wallet

You can get a cryptocurrency wallet from several sources. Click on the arrow to download a wallet from Metamask, the most secure and trusted wallet provider.

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You will first need to buy Ethereum ($ETH) before you can exchange it for $RSC. You can buy $ETH direct from Metamask using the "Buy" button and paying in debit/credit, or PayPal.

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Swap ETH for RSC

Now that you have ETH in your crypto wallet, you can easily exchange your ETH for RSC on a trusted exchange like Uniswap, by clicking the arrow above and connecting your wallet.





$RSC Price

Circ. Supply

Market Cap



What is ResearchCoin?

ResearchCoin (RSC) is a token anyone can earn by sharing, curating, and discussing academic science within ResearchHub. RSC is a utility token, meaning that it serves a specific function within the platform, giving holders the opportunity to participate in governance, access specific features, or use the tokens to support the work of other scientists and users on the platform.



The total supply of ResearchCoin is 1,000,000,000 tokens, which can always be verified at our Token Tracker page on Etherscan.

The Community has been allocated 60% of the total supply.

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$RSC tokens will be distributed to the Community and the ResearchHub Foundation. The Community emissions will be distributed by the platform reward algorithm, while the ResearchHub Foundation will receive tokens based a predetermined schedule.


ResearchHub Foundation Treasury

Assets in the ResearchHub Foundation Treasury are all on the blockchain, an immutable public ledger where anyone can always verify both the contents of the treasury and where any assets are deposited from or withdrawn to. RSC holders have a say in how these assets get deployed!

ResearchHub Foundation Treasury Breakdown

Quarterly Budget Transparency Reports

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