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SciCon 2023

23-24 September 2023

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If you missed SciCon 2022

Don't miss SciCon 2023

SciCon is the annual online conference organized by the ResearchHub Foundation.

ResearchHub's mission to accelerate science is stewarded by a community of researchers and scientists that believe in a better way to perform and disseminate academic research.

SciCon 2023 will feature individual talks as well as panels where contemporary topics regarding academia, open science and research are discussed.

After our inaugural event, SciCon 2022, Traditional Science and Decentralized Science meet once again at SciCon 2023.



Day One: September 23rd 2023

Timeslot (PST)




9.30am - 9.40am

Riccardo Goldoni

ResearchHub Foundation


9.45am - 10.15am

Shady El Damaty


Decentralized Identity and Holonym

10.20am - 11.20am

John Inglis and Ludo Waltman

BioRxiv, ASAPbio

Preprints and Peer Review Panel

11.30am - 11.55am



Reproducible Science

12.00pm - 12.30pm

James Heathers

Researching Research Integrity

"The Most Dangerous Scientist in the World"

12.35pm - 1.35pm

Joseph Jacks, Adam Draper, James Brodie, Jason Fang

OSS Capital, BoostVC, BeakerDAO, Sora Ventures

"Investing in DeSci" Panel

1.40pm - 2.10pm

Patrick Joyce


ResearchHub Updates

2.15pm - 2.45pm

Tyler Diorio

ResearchHub Foundation

ResearchHub Foundation Updates

2.50pm - 3.00pm

Riccardo Goldoni

ResearchHub Foundation


Day Two: September 24th 2023

Timeslot (PST)




9.00am - 9.10am

Riccardo Goldoni

ResearchHub Foundation


9.10am - 10.10am

Andrew Verbinnen, Andrew Bakst, Laura Minquini, Albert Anis, Chris Byrnes

HairDAO, AthenaDAO, ValleyDAO, Molecule/PsyDAO

BioDAO Panel

10.15am - 10.45am

Niklas Rindtorff


LabDAO Plex

10.50am - 11.20am

Omar ElNaggar


Distributed Storage

11.25am - 11.55am

Nassim Dehouche

HaAI Labs

Onchain Peer Review

12.00pm - 1.00pm

Martin Karlsson, Richard Blythman, Adrian Smith

Lateral, Algovera, Ought (Elicit)

"AI in Research" Panel

1.05pm - 1.35pm

Luca Foschini

Sage Bionetworks

Open Data

1.40pm - 2.10pm

Jessica Polka


Preprints and quality assessment

2.15pm - 2.45pm

Erik VanWinkle

DeSci Labs

Onchain Publishing and Credentials

2.50am - 3.00am

Riccardo Goldoni

ResearchHub Foundation


Fireside Chat: September 29th 2023, 3pm PST

brian copy.png

Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong co-founded ResearchHub to make science function more like Open Source Software with less friction and more opportunities. Join us for this fireside chat and learn more about ResearchHub’s mission and vision.


Brian Armstrong.jpeg

Brian Armstrong

CEO, ResearchHub

Joseph Jacks.jpeg

Joseph Jacks

Founder, OSS Capital

James Heathers.jpeg

James Heathers

Research, Safebeat

Ludo Waltman.png

Ludo Waltman

Professor, Leiden University

Laura Minquini.jpeg

Laura Minquini

Co-Founder, AthenaDAO

Albert Anis.jpeg

Albert Anis

Co-Founder, ValleyDAO

Nassim Dehouche.jpeg

Nassim Dehouche

Researcher, HaAI Labs

Patrick Joyce.jpeg

Patrick Joyce

COO, ResearchHub

Jason Fang.jpeg

Jason Fang

Founder, Sora Ventures

Adrian smith.jpeg

Adrian Smith

Developer, Elicit AI

Jessica Polka.jpeg

Jessica Polka

Executive Director, ASAPBio

Andrew Verbinnen.jpeg

Andrew Verbinnen

Co-Founder, HairDAO

Erik van Winkle.jpeg

Erik Van Winkle

Head of Operations, DeSci Labs

John Inglis.webp

John Inglis

Co-Founder, bioRxiv


Adam Draper.jpeg

Adam Draper

CEO, BoostVC

Martin Karlsson.jpeg

Martin Karlsson

Founder, Lateral

Shady El Damaty.jpeg

Shady El Damaty

Founder, Holonym

Andrew Bakst.jpeg

Andrew Bakst

Co-Founder, HairDAO

Omar ElNaggar.png

Omar ElNaggar

Founder, Weavechain

Luca Foschini.jpeg

Luca Foschini

President, Sage Bionetworks

James Brodie.jpg

James Brodie

Co-Founder, ID Theory

Richard Blythman.jpeg

Richard Blythman

Co-Founder, Algovera

Manveer Basra.jpeg

Manveer Basra

Founder, Scholar

Chris Byrnes.jpeg

Chris Byrnes

IP Legal Advisor, Molecule

Niklas Rindtorff.jpeg

Niklas Rindtorff

Co-Founder, LabDAO

SciCon 2023

SciCon 2023 Circular Arrow solo v3.png
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